An App to get better control over which network operator is used for data. Useful when you roam into other networks and get charged for using data. This is a sort of generic version of “Stop 3 Data Roaming”.

This App runs as a service to monitor the current network operator and changes the APNs if the phone goes into a network which is not allowed, hence making the phone unable to access data (due to invalid APN settings). When it detects that the phone is back on the allowed network, it’ll switch the data back on.

Most users do not need this app and its only needed for some network operators where the phones can automatically connect to other networks but get charged for using data.

NOTE: Uninstall with internet access enabled, otherwise you’ll be offline, needing to change APNs manually.
This app is currently in beta and you may get undesired results.

To use it, download and install it on your Android phone. When you run it it’ll show you a screen which has 5 buttons and 2 checkboxes:

  • Start Service – Starts the service which monitors the network and changes the APNs.
  • Stop Service – Stops the service if its running.
  • Refresh View – Refreshes the display which has information about the current operator, status of the service and data.
  • Allowed Operator – Specifies the operator for which should be allowed. Use the Change button to change the operator.
  • Auto Start Service on Phone Restart – Specifies if you want the service to start automatically on phone restart.
  • Display Notifications – Specifies if you want to receive notifications when the service disables the data access on roaming.
  • Donate – Opens a webpage if you wish to donate via Paypal.

So, to get started:

  • Click on the Change button and enter the operator name that should be allowed. Your current operator is pre-populated if that’s what you want to use. Once entered this value is saved untill you decide to change again.
  • If you want the app to generate a notification every time it starts/stops data usage then check the checkbox for “Display Notifications”.
  • If you want the service to start automatically when the phone gets restarted then check the checkbox for “Auto Start Service on Phone Restart”.
  • Click on the “Start Service” to start the service that monitors the network operator.