My car doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth connectivity and only has an Aux audio input (3.5mm Stereo Socket). I had been looking for something which would easily provide Bluetooth conenctivity in the car but won’t need me to change the car audio system or need me to take the car to a mechanic to install something.

I finally found and bought a Belkin AirCast Auto Handsfree from INA Solutions.

Its a very small device that can stick easily on any car dashboard. It connects to the standard Cigarette lighter port for power and also has a USB port so that you can charge your phone while in the car. It can pair with multiple phones (although only one can be connected to it at once). It can play music through the car speakers as well as make/receive phone calls. There’s only 1 button which has multiple uses. It can be used to start/stop the music, accept a call and also long-pressing it starts the default voice search app on the phone, allowing you to make calls by talking to the phone.

Initially I wasn’t very sure about how it’ll work with Android phones but I use it regularly with 2 Android phones (Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus) and am very happy with it :).