APN Backup & Restore is a simple App to backup and restore APNs. The backup is stored in the /sdcard/APNBackupRestore/ folder.

Please report any problems you are having with the App here in the comments section or email me with the details as I cannot respond to problems in the Android Market. My email address is on the market.

The screen has 4 buttons:

  • Backup APNs: Backup all the APNs defined on the phone to the xml file.
  • Restore APNs: Reads the xml file and creates a new APN for every entry found in the file.
  • Delete Backup Files: Allows selection of old backup files to be deleted.
  • Delete APNs: Deletes all the APNs defined on the phone, so that a Restore can be performed.

Menu Options:

  • Help: Help information about the App.
  • Send by Email: Allows you to send the backup file by Email.
  • Donate: If you wish to donate for the App via PayPal.
  • Enable Logging: For troubleshooting purposes, logs any errors encountered to the system log.
Android 4.4 / KitKat: The app has to be moved to the /system/priv-app folder for it to be able to acquire the correct permissions.

Android 4 / Ice Cream Sandwich:Google seems to have changed the access level for applications which can write/change APN Settings in Android 4 (ICS). Now 3rd Party apps are not allowed to change APN Settings. You can convert it to a System app using Titanium Backup on a rooted phone and use. Instructions:

– Open Titanium Backup
– Go to backup/restore tab
– Find APN Backup & Restore on the list
– Long press on the app when you find it
– Select Convert to system app
– Open APN Backup & Restore
– Click menu and disable ICS check
Thanks to Joaquín for the instructions.

MMSProtocol: It seems its an optional setting, the G1 doesnt even have the setting for it in the APN screen. By default the value for this setting does not appear in the backup xml because “WAP2.0” gets displayed even if nothing is selected in the APN Setting screen. If you go into the details and explicitly select a value then it will be correctly backed up and restored.

NOTE: If you have deleted all the APNs by mistake and want to go back to the defaults then you can always do so by going to Settings -> Wireless Controls -> Mobile Network Settings -> Access Point Names, then press the Menu button and select “Reset to default”.

Backup format is independent of the Android version so the APNs can be easily moved from one phone to another, irrespective of which version of Android it has. Tested with 1.5, 1.6, 2.01, 2.1, 2.2.

Download: APN Backup & Restore can be downloaded from the Android Market on your phone. It can also be downloaded from SlideMe.Org

Change Log:

  • Fixed bug with Send by Email.


  • Support for multiple backup files:
    • Backup asks to input a file name.
    • Restore asks to select a file.
  • Button to facilitate selection of files to be deleted.


  • Backup xml is now properly indented.
  • Option to send backup file by email.


  • Minor bug fixes, now handles missing SD Card while backing up.
  • Now Ad supported.


  • Now handles invalid APN settings (missing MCC & MNC) in some custom ROMs (CyanogenMod, MyHero etc)
  • Added menu option to enable/disable Logging.
  • Added button to donate via PayPal.


  • Now asks to delete existing APNs before restore.
  • Checks for duplicates and overwrites any existing APNs based on Name, MCC and MNC


  • Now handles the missing mmsprotocol setting on the G1.


  • Changed the xml tags a bit, not compatible with the previous version.
  • Better handling of null values.


  • Initial release.