This is an Add-On for SMS Backup & Restore app to:

– automatically upload backup files to Dropbox
– send automated emails after a backup.

This app does not appear in the list of apps in the phone launcher. It is used by the SMS Backup & Restore app and gets opened from the “Backup Settings” screen of that app.


This app was developed as an add-on rather than building it within the existing app for 2 reasons: first to keep the original app smaller in size, second keeping this app separate means the Pro version still doesn’t need Internet permissions.

This app uses the binaries provided by the Android port of JavaMail.



Dropbox Settings:

This app only has access to its own folder and does not have access to other Dropbox folders.
Check the “Use Browser for Authentication” if you want to use your default/external browser for authentication rather than the built-in functionality.


Email Settings:

All the settings on the screen are dependent on the Mail Service Provider that you use. The details about the service can be found on the providers site. Some of the common ones are linked at the bottom of this section.

Sender Email Address: The email address from which the email should be sent.

Recipient Email Address: The email address of the recipient. If you are sending the email to yourself then this will be the same as the Sender Email Address.

SMTP Server: The HostName/IP Address of the email SMTP server. For example: for Gmail.

Port: The port used by the SMTP server. Normally 25/465/587. For example: 465 for Gmail.

Security: The security used for connecting to the SMTP server. Use SSL/TLS for Gmail.

Require Login: Checked if the SMTP server needs you to authenticate before sending emails. Check this for Gmail.

User Name: The user name required to authenticate with the SMTP server. For Gmail, its your email address.

Password: The password required to authenticate with the SMTP server. For Gmail, its your Gmail password.  If you use 2-step authentication in Gmail, you’ll need to generate an application specific password.

Subject: The subject for the email.

Body: The message content for the email.

Google Mail / Gmail Settings

Hotmail / Windows Live Mail Settings

Yahoo! Mail Settings


Update Log:


  • Fix for Dropbox Authentication problems on some HTC Phones. Thanks to Metin for all his help and testing.


  • Added some logging to help in investigating Dropbox Authentication issues on some HTC Phones.


  • Added Dropbox support


  • First release.