Just finished moving the site from Blogger to WordPress. Hopefully all the links and pages are working correctly…

For anyone interested, here’s what I did:

  1. Looked at the instructions on the Installing WordPress page.
  2. Installed WordPress on IIS6 from the Microsoft Web Apps Gallery.
  3. Imported the posts from Blogger using the built-in import function of WordPress.
  4. Installed the Eos theme by SRS Solutions.
  5. Installed a few mobile themes and settled at WordPress Mobile Pack plugin for now. One of the main reasons being that it has support for Admob ads 🙂
  6. Since I was moving my site from Blogger and wanted to make sure that all the old links to my old site were still working, I needed a redirection plugin, so installed the Redirection plugin and created entries for all the redirects I needed to work with the permalink structure of my new site.
  7. Found out that redirections won’t work that easily on IIS as it doesn’t have Apache’s mod_rewrite functionality.
  8. Tried isapi_rewrite lite which could do the required but then found it gets installed as a global isapi filter which could mess with other sites on the server.
  9. Found the article at Caspian IT and quickly downloaded IIRF but could not get it to work initially, the documentation and the page at Caspian IT still has reference to IsapiRewrite4.dll and IsapiRewrite4.ini files which seem to have been renamed to IIRF.dll and IIRF.ini in the current release. Another thing to note is that the IIRF.ini file needs to be in the root of the actual site, rather than in the same folder as the IIRF.dll file.
  10. Installed the Google Analyticator plugin to get Google Analytics support.
  11. Installed the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.
  12. Installed the Social Bookmarks plugin.
  13. Installed the Link to Post plugin.
  14. Modified the Eos theme to add a Paypal button 🙂