Update: many people have reported errors encountered with SMS Exporter and although I’d like to fix those problems, its very difficult for me since I do not have a Windows Mobile phone and the application is using a 3rd party library to export the messages. If you are getting errors, please try the other ways below.

SMS Exporter:

Looking at the number of hits on my site about moving SMS Messages from WinMo to Android, I decided to try writing a simple tool to export messages from WinMo phones.

Click here to download SMS Exporter. This is an experimental application and since I do not have a Windows Mobile phone I have not been able to test it properly. Any feedback about this app is highly appreciated.

Download the .CAB file from the link above and install it on your phone. Running it will present you with a simple form with an “Export” menu.It will export messages into a SMS.xml file which can be directly imported into any Android phone using the SMS Backup & Restore app.

SMS Exporter uses the Pocket PC and Smartphone 99% .NET MAPI library to read the messages.

If the SMS Exported does not work for you then you can always try the following options:

Mario at Homebrew has written an excellent article explaining how to Import/Export/Move/Transfer SMS Messages from Windows Mobile to your Android Phone using PIM Backup and my App SMS Backup & Restore.

Pie at PieMaster has written another article and his own tool for Exporting from Windows Mobile. Click here to have a look.

This process works WITHOUT needing root access on the Android phone. Check it out!

Change Log:

  • Removed the BOM (Byte Order Mark) from the Xml.


  • Added UTF-8 encoding of exported file.


  • Fixed “Invalid type request”errors.


  • Added logging.


  • Initial Release