If you are getting an error then I will need to have a look at the logs to figure out and then either make a fix in the app or suggest if there is something wrong on the phone.

The latest version of SMS Backup & Restore and Call Logs Backup & Restore have inbuilt options to Send Logs in case of errors. The inbuilt option to send logs normally appears when the app encounters an error and allows the user to send me an email containing details of the app’s activity and the error it encountered. Sometimes this information is not enough to figure out what could be wrong as there could be other components of the device that could be causing the problem. In such cases I need the System Logs generated on the device.

For devices running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or above, you need to have a rooted device to be able to send System logs.

If you have a rooted device or a device running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich ) or lower, follow the following instructions to send detailed System logs:

  • Install the app CatLog from the Google Play Store.
  • Enable the Logging in the app that you are getting error in (Menu->Preferences -> Enable Logging)
  • Repeat the operation that you were performing in my app to reproduce the error.
  • Once the error has been reported, open the CatLog app
  • In CatLog, open the Menu and select “Send”  it’ll ask you how to send the log, select the Email or GMail option as per your configuration and send the log by email to my email address: android AT riteshsahu DOT com
  • Also send a note on what were you trying, so I know what to look for.
  • Once I’ve received the logs I’ll analyze them and get back to you.


  • Make sure you’ve enabled logging in the App before you retry the backup or restore operation and also to send the logs as soon as you get the error, otherwise the logs would not contain the information needed.
  • If you get an Error during SMS Restore then please try restarting the Phone and Restore again. Sometimes the internal database for the messages gets corrupted and gets fixed on restarting the phone.
  • Some users have reported getting errors when doing a Restore with SMS Backup & Restore. The logs suggest the Antivirus App interfering with the Restore. Uninstalling/Disabling the Antivirus app fixes the Restore problem.